Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fairies in the Forest

with wings we can fly

the power of flight

finding a fairy door
knocking on the door to see if anyone is home...

Discovering fairies through the fairy window (a small crack in the tree trunk)

such excitement - a fairy wand!!!

"please let me in - there are humans out here"

Fafu hats make great fairy houses!

can the fairies still be seen? (there is a small hole at the top of the hat)

all aboard - the hat is transformed into fairy transport
fairies come in all shapes and sizes!

shhh - BIG sleeping fairies

fairies off flying through the forest held in loving hands...

"going to the shops to buy sausage and fruit"

"help help I am trapped by the long grass" "I will rescue you with my wand""

"and ... oh no they almost fall off..." "I can help them up again - mine can fly, mine have wings"

looking carefull we find fairy sparkle - "what is that sticky stuff" - "it must be fairy honey"

A little background info to my fairy knowledge in Sweden!
In Swedish the most common used name for fairies is "älvor" - which is elves... "fé" is not used as much except for "tandfén" - the toothfairy...

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