Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Philosophical fairies - four and five

I will just quickly write down the children's words...
yesterday they were being observed by 6 adults which, of course, made it much more difficult to focus on the dialogue - as some of the children were more focussed on making contact with all the new people and others were a little apprehensive...

The warm up question yesterday was a reminder of how children think... the question was "what is your favourite place?" and we wondered if the children would say home, or where they had been on holiday, or maybe a favourite place to play... but we were totally taken back by most children's reply (just about all of them) saying the chair they were sitting on was their favourite place.

That reminder of how children are living in the here and now - not yesterday, not tomorrow, not even later in the day... right here and right now they were sitting in chairs in a circle - and luckily they all seemed to be sitting in the place they liked the best in that ring...

If you had wings, where would you fly?... Why?
  • I would fly to the theatre like them (referring to the visiters from the theatre)... because I like them.
  • to the theatre... to play... to read book
  • I would fly to town... because there is stuff there and to cook food.
  • I would fly home... to blow balloons
  • I would fly to a theatre to look at clowns... I was scared of clowns before.
  • fly to Barcelona ... to play, climb and build a mass of cushions to the ceiling.
  • to "The Globe" (an large spherical arena here)... to play with The Globe and to talk with The Globe
  • to far, far park it lives far away... because I want to play there and swim in the water.
As you see, the presence of the people from the theatre also influenced how they answered the question. It might be interesting to ask the question aggain another time, when we have explored Morocco a little more and maybe some other places...

Today's question came after the warm up of "where do you live" again... I haven't had the chance to compare yet, but from memory I see that many of the children answered the same, and a few have changed their answer...

Do you believe fairies exist?
  • They live in a den. In a tree. One can open it if one finds it. If it is locked... one needs a key. One must know where the door is... one must find the right tree... and then they can go out and meet us.
  • I believe fairies exist. They live in the forest.
  • I believe they exist because I have seen them many times. At night with a torch. One needs to take medicine so that you can see them.... because they glow at night.
  • I believe they exist. And during the night they take off their pyjamas so that they can fly.
  • I believe they exist for real.they pick flowers like the ones on my dress.
  • yes... in town.

Today two new children have started too, this also affects the dialogue... we kept it short as we could see there was need to meet and play that was more important that the dialogue, but at the same time we were impressed by the length of the answers... it was obvious that the children had started to gather their thoughts and start to string some of them together...

Oh, and here comes an image of The Globe (Globen) in case you were wondering... it is a building that over the years MANY children have been fascinated by...
night time all a glow... can you see the magic?!!

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