Thursday 29 August 2013

making wands in the forest...

after finding sticks in the forest the children were invited to turn them into wands using paint, glue and glitter on our "meeting rock". This is our starting point and also where we meet up again before the return walk to preschool.
to put on glitter it was simply to dip the tip in the glue and then dip in the glitter - a mix of silver, gold, blue and green. The wire basket I used to carry everything to the forest turned out to be a great drying rack when it was turned upside down.
It wasn't entirely easy for the children to remember to use one brush for each colour so that all the colours did not end up the same... but at the same time this is not a HUGE problem. BUT it is interesting to watch how the children are focussing on what they are doing... as the colour sorting does add a mathematic dimension to the whole process.
Not all the children wanted to make wands, some were just too busy playing and exploring the forest. The play, though, was most definitely influenced by the the wand-making and fairies...
I had a little giggle to myself as these two children discovered this log and one exclaimed "wow, what a HUGE wand!"

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