Monday 26 August 2013

Magic Forest part 3

This time I put twigs, seed pods and other bits and bobs on the table for the children to select and create a tree.
first the designed their tree on the table (after working out that to glue on trees onto a picture the trees need to lie flat rather than grow upwards like real trees)
Once they were happy with their tree design it was time to use the glue gun and attach it to one of the magic forest backgrounds...

this proved to be very popular... and as it was their first time to use the glue gun by themselves we did this one at a time so that I could support them. This meant that there needed to be a whole load of patience... luckily the whole procedure was so exciting that they waited with great patience ... but if I could introduce the glue gun with less children next time I think it would be a good idea!

they all understood it would be warm, and all used the glue gun with great care and with great pride. The children are 2-4 years old.
four of the the finished forests

the fifth finished forest. On the back of them is written the story of each one... last weeks painting - the child who painted, the date and the method used - and now also this weeks child, date and method used... so that when we are finished it will be a group art and each piece will belong to many children - and the pieces will be put together to create one pice of art. One more sesion left to make them even more magical...

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