Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Inspiration ping pong

I love it when children are inspired by what we do, which can inspire more children and can then inspire me to meet their needs with an idea I had not yet had for this group yet!

One of the children wanted to take notes during the philosophy session - she had brought her own notebook and pen from home to do it.

I thought it was a great idea to support her budding interest in writing/mark-making, although i did wonder what the other children would make of it... and yes, they were VERY vocal about it - and was she ALLOWED to have that with her, where did it come from... and then they asked her can you buy me one too.

Seeing all the children interested in documenting I asked if they would all like an notebook for our project days to jot down ideas, thoughts and sketches. There were big nods - and so for next Monday I will have to find notebooks for the children...

I feel the notebooks will be better for the project days rather than the philosophy days as we ARE trying to work on listening skills and part of that, at the moment, is showing with our bodies that we are listening. ALTHOUGH it would be interesting to see if those who jot down what others are saying are then able to "read" back the notes... hmmm, will have to give that a try... as the jotting down might actually HELP the listening...

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