Tuesday, 14 January 2014

waterproof lights

Today my order for waterproof battery run lights arrived and we had to put them to the test...
So bathtime was in the dark today for full exploration... swirling the water and blowing bubbles to see how it created patterns both on the water and on the wall and ceiling. Designing patterns and faces on the bottom of the bath... and putting them in a box to change the effect... bathtime took a lot longer than usual for sure!!

I bought them as I want to to not only experiment with them under water - but also out in the snow... to create snow houses and other creations with the lights inside to make them glow... I can hardly wait to get started and to share them... good job that it's due to snow some more at the end of the week... the snow we have at the moment is a little too powdery... and now my mind wonders about putting them inside ice-sculptures... hmm - now that could be done without waiting for more snow...

these are the white ones... rather tempted to get UV ones!!!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Great idea to use lights in the water :)

    1. make sure you buy the submersible lights so that they CAN be used under water...