Saturday, 25 January 2014

Those interested in ECE - men and women!

One of the benefits of having a facebook page connected to my blog is the fact I can see the statistics in a very different way there... not just pageviews but also more details about the towns and countries and also what sex are interacting and seeing the blogs I write and the images and links I share from other great blogs etc..

Despite the fact that 54% of facebook are male users only 5% of those following my page are actually male...

Why is it that more women are interested in early childhood than men? OR is it that more women explore early childhood through facebook?

Is my page followed by ECE professionals or parents... and it that case does this reflect that it is still the mothers that are engaging in early childhood?

I am not the one to really bother about the statistics of my blog... its a bit of fun to see what people are interested in reading, how other facebook pages influence how many people read my blog... because that REALLY does seem to make a huge difference... and if THAT is the case how can we make ECE reach out to more males?

I would be interested to find out what others with blogs/facebook pages have for statistics... how big is that male percentage... are we all around 5% - or are some reaching out to more?

I HOPE that my blog is not something that just appeals to a female audience, but that it is something that is relevant for all that work with young children...

But just 5% men...

Work in ECE and light some inspirational fires...

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  1. Hi Suzanne. You are doing better than I am. I only have an audience of 3% men. And I am a guy. Go figure. The most interesting statistic for me is that I have more facebook followers from Australia than I do from the USA. That is interesting because I live and work in the USA. Again, go figure. Thanks for the share of my latest post on you facebook page. I have a good friend in Malmo that I thought about visiting this trip, but I could not make it work.