Wednesday, 15 January 2014

More lights in the bath

There HAD to be another bath tonight... we had to experiment a little more...and this time we had bubbles... but as Michael has sensitive skin it was bubbling bathsalts that don't make a THICK bubbling mass, but a thin layer of white foam... which actually turned out perfectly... Michael soon discovered that he could create shadows under the bubbles with his hands...

We also used the rotary handwhisk to make the bubbles - with different depths and angles to see what would be the best method for creating bubbles and foam... it turned out I had the speed and coordination to get a good froth on...!! And popping bubbles make such a great sund too! The bath salts were blue so it gave a blue hint to the water, which also added to the effect...

And of course when there are bubbles no bath would not be complete without a bubble beard!

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