Saturday, 5 September 2015

Books about fairies...

Here are some suggestions for books about fairies... I have not read all of them... but I am sharing a variation so that you can see what is out there... I am also thinking alongs the lines of sharing books that do not have a GIRL focus, but focus on children, play and imagination. I have linked to Amazon.UK - for ease, I am not endorsing Amazon in anyway other than living in Sweden this is the easiest way for me to get books in English...

How to find Flower Fairies

Freddie and the Fairy
Tooth Fairy
(because boys and girls like the tooth fairy to visit...)

What in the world are fairies?

What do fairies do all day?
Rainbow fairies
This is a whole series of 7 books (and there are other series by the authors... I have read these to BOYS and GIRLS and all have enjoyed the stories)

Fairy House Handbook

How to see fairies
This book is pretty good for allowing the children to see fairies in a new way... not just as pretty things, but as something quite different and ususual.

There is the Artemis Fowl book series, for older children than preschoolers... but most certainly fairies are there in a non too traditional girlie sort of way.

There is Peter Pan and the fairy/pixie Tinkerbell... and it does not have to be the Disney version There are many other versions out there... and that is what makes this fun.... challenging the children's conception of what fairies are... are they real, what do they look like.

We have had some amazing dialogues about whether or not fairies are real... the children presetning and defending their theories...

If you have any fairy books to recommend... then please share in the comments...

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