Sunday, 11 March 2018

Back in Jenin

it has been a long day.

At 4am this morning I was sat on a bus in a snowy, icy Stockholm heading for the airport.

Eleven hours later I arrived in sunny. warm Jenin.
Here will be my home from home for the next 10 days.

Ten days filled with play explorations.
This time I will be leading two courses... a beginners and an advanced course.
I will be exploring play, child development, pedagogy methods and approaches, documentation, the third teacher and listening - through presentations, dialogues and hands-on play-workshops.

We will explore freedom, collaboration and equality through play and learning in early childhood

I will be taking lots of photos, notes and sharing reflections here in this blog.
So please keep checking if you are interested in following this Palestinian adventure.

“My dream is that The Freedom Theatre will be the major force, cooperating with others in generating cultural resistance, carrying on it’s shoulders universal values of freedom and justice.” Juliano Mer Khamis The Freedom Theatre's co-founder

a panorama view from the roof of the Freedom Theatre over the refugee camp

oranges... from above

the sun going down over the refugee camp

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