Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fairy Doors and a bucket of magic

The fairy door was well and truly discovered last week - in the middle of telling a story using the story cards (the cards selected are chosen for their magical theme at the moment). There are about 50 cards and the children pick one out of the pack - and once all the children have picked a card out I shuffle those cards up and then tell a story using the pictures as guides to where the story is travelling... the children LOVE these stories, as they are always so proud when "their" card is part of the story.

This week one of the story cards chosen was the picture of the fairy door... and one of the few children who have discovered the fairy door on the wall made the connection... suddenly the room was filled with raw energy - the story was abandoned as we had urgent business to discuss - how were we going to get through that door.

  • we need a key
  • but we are still to big to get through
  • we need to be made smaller
  • but how
  • we need to make a magic potion so that we become smaller
  • a fairy needs to come through the door so she can magic us smaller and then we can go back with the fairy
  • we need a knife to open the door
  • no, not a knife, it might hurt the fairies behind
  • then scissors
  • no, no scissors they might also hurt - we need to use magic
  • Shall we go outside and see if we can find some fairy magic in the Snail Park to help us through the door?
The children were excited about the prospect of finding magic. But what did it look like - and what about a key - maybe we still needed to look for a fairy key as well, just in case the door was not opened by fairies for us...

we took a bucket outside with us to collect magic

There was a lot of focus on wands - and after the children had exhausted their hunting magic energy the children returned to the bucket to start using the wands to cast magic spells...

and to be honest by the end of the day I was rather relieved that I was allowed to come home in my human form.

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