Thursday, 12 September 2013

More philosofairy...

I will skip the warm up questions and delve straight into the  fairy questions this time... as I am in the middle of keeping a check on the International Fairy Tea Party facebook page to write down all locations of the fairy tea parties that will be in action next week - and on the page I will be posting a map with all the locations plotted tomorrow evening... so if you are interested in finding out where, then go and check out the page tomorrow.
I will plot more locations during the week, for an last minute participants of the International Fairy Tea Party and post a new image next week...
a collection of items to open the fairy door from last week...

but back to the philosophy...
Last week the children had shown a great interest in trying to work out how to get into the fairy door... so we used this enthusiasm to fuel this week's philosofairy!

The idea was to ask about how to get through the door - but we hardly needed to ask...

Have you seen the fairy door?
  • How do we get in?
  • we should use those things - the ones we took from the Snail Park, from the ground. (remembering that indeed last week we did exactly that, looking for magic and keys in the snail park to open the door)
  • but we don't have a wand - you need to paint a stick...
  • fairy dust - and then you can be a little fairy and come in - and I think the door is beautiful
  • that one can open it with fairy dust
  • its like this, you take fairy dust from the ground and change to a little fairy and come in
  • you use a key - and use a lift
  • one flies high - like a witch - and there is blood in there
  • one opens it with a key - one can take a key from the Snail Park
  • One has to go by the metro-station lift - one must take much stairs
  • one must have a key so that you can open it. One needs to come inside the door. The key can be found at my house and (then goes on to name all the children as having keys at their house)
  • one opens it and comes in - take one of those spoons (the ice-cream spoons) and like this and then like this and then knock on the dor - knock knock knock
  • you are bigger than us (pointing to Ellen and myself) - they are afraid of you more than they are of us. You two and not like the same as us. It is easier for us to come inside the fairy door - because we are three and four...

Yesterday was our second session of the week...
What do you think there is behind the door?
  • I think there are fairies.... and ...sheep 
  • there are mummies and daddies and babies and children that play there
  • mummy and baby and mummy and daddy and baby
  • I believe there are fairies 
  • I believe there are... I believe there are... I believe there are balloons and all dresses and there is town
  • a fairy boy - and a fairy house
  • erm...erm...erm... err.. my mummy, daddy and my sisters
  • there was a little baby and a mummy and a daddy that takes care of it - like we do (meaning us humans)
  • that there are... that there are no babies in there... just fairies and they play and jump.

It is interesting to see how the answers to the question we had touched on last week were more varied and seemed to be based on experience (experience of the dialogue and experience of the activities we have been doing together).

Actually I am going to leave my reflections there - feeling a bit tired, so I will return to themat the weekend and update this post then!

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