Sunday 15 September 2013

Happy Birthday ME!

Last night the children spent the night at my in-laws and I was taken out for dinner by my husband - I had no idea where - and I was told to take extra clothes as we would be spending the night out - as my birthday would start with a hotel breakfast. The meal was a pre-birthday treat.

My husband knows I am hopeless with surprises - I am like a little kid desperately wanting to know - but this year I was totally calm (to my husbands dismay I think - I reckon he has always enjoyed my probing and wanting to know) - I think it suprised myself too - does this mean I have grown up (yikes) or does it mean that blogging and fixing the International Fairy Tea Party has just filled my time so much that I have not had the time to spend energy on working our where we were going to go...

But he chose well...

AND he kept laughing at me all the time as I kept picking up things and examining them and saying "oh I so want this for my work"

I realise I do this a lot.
Wooden plates. Little glass tea pots....
and then today we wondered around a department store with several interior design/kitchen areas... and again, yes I see what I like for my home and my children and my self - but the preschool children are there in my thoughts too...

a clear coffee table from Habitat - a lamp inside - making patterns in layers using the lower inside shelf too - or a child lying inside the table while friends paint on top... etc etc etc

Now I am wishing I took photographs of everything I saw - my own little documentaion of things I like... but that could be a fun thing to do on a cold winter's day!

But for now I am off to enjoy my birthday!

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