Monday, 9 June 2014

Mirror mirror - Listening with eyes...

In dialogues you need to be aware of what others are doing... not just to listen with ears but to listen with eyes too...

Today we practiced som eye listening by playing mirrors

The children sat in pairs opposite each other... so today it became two rows of four. First one side was a mirror and had to copy what their partner did, and then after a while they swapped over.

In the beginning there was not a lot of movement at all as the children seemed to just sit and watch each other... but after a few tries they started to get the hang of it... of course sometimes it was not easy to mirror your partner and it happened a few times that all children were doing the same thing as they all mirrored each other... especially when I was a partner to a child before child 8 arrived.

This was something the children enjoyed once they got going... and I can see that it will be something they will get better at as the try more often... focus on their partner and try to do the same thing at the same time...

On my way to work I see a shiney glass installation not far from the preschool as I am taking the train to work... today we decided we would go there and continue our mirror play... as I reckoned that they could pretend that the glass was a mirror... little did I know jut how amazing the glass installation was and just how much mirroring would be involved.

The glass was all the same colour, but depending on where you were standing it seemed to change colour... the children soon called it the rainbow houses... as you could go inside them too... There was also a coloured shadow onone side and a bright light reflection on the ground on the other (this side of the photo above)

There was never just one reflection when you were inside but many many to look at - and it seemed to have a slightly hologram feel to it (well at least for us adults)

Here is another image of themany reflections and many colours - "it turned me into a rainbow... I need to tell my mummy about the rainbow house"

But without a shadow of a doubt my favourite effect ws the fact that you could only just see the person on the other side of the glass while being able to see your own reflection clearly... this lead to some exciting and fun discoveries...

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  1. What a great activity and way to extend it. I look forward to giving this a try with my preschoolers.