Monday, 2 June 2014


For some children transitions are no fun att all. My son was one of those children (still is) and I was always greatful for the time a teacher took every morning to make his transition smoother as he came to preschool. In the room where the cars were, there would be a surprise... the cars would be lined up, or stacked up, or all upside down.... we never knew - but after a few days he started to want to make that transition from taking off his outdoor clothes and starting his day at preschool as he was eager to see what crazy thing the cars were up to today.
This went on for a few weeks until suddenly the cars were just in the box and I said... "maybe they want you to do something with them today" - which made perfect to Michael, he quickly arranged the cars, and the need for a transition activity was over, as he could now do this for himself... OK there were days that did not go smoothly (more than my poor mummy heart could bare) but it was not the daily negative start to the day because the transition was just too hard work.

This was a gift a preschool teacher gave me and my son. It is something i would love to give back to as many other parents and children that I can...

Today a simple gesture made a transition all the easier... bunny was welcome to eat breakfast too. I got an extra bowl, put in a few dry home-made muesli and bunny got to eat, to the great satisfaction of bunnies owner, who sat down to breakfast with a smile.

Stacking cars. Bunny breakfast.

It doesn't need to be anything elaborate. A small gesture can make a HUGE difference to the start of a day.

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