Saturday, 7 June 2014

Penultimate post for #blogg100

It is with joy that I am writing this... the penultimate post... knwoing that tomorrow it will be the LAST post I need to write on a daily basis to meet the needs of#Blogg100 (click here to go to the twitter page where other #blogg100 bloggers have been blogging their hearts out for the last 98 days)
Today and tomorrow - and then I am free...

Of course this has always been a choice... but a challenge is a challenge... and if its too easy, then its not a challenge.

Finding things to write about has never been a difficulty... the problem has been I have often wanted to put my energy somewhere else... I used to blog pretty often before this challenge, but "having" to kind of changes everything... a bit like everything you have to do... often its stuff you like, but when you have to do it then it feels a bit more like a chore.

I feel happy to be able to return to blogging when I feel like it... when I feel like I have to share something or else I will burst.

I feel happy that it is before the summer...

I have time now to be with Sara Stanley when she comes over and not feel I have to go off and blog. I have the time to start making tweaks to the presentation about Pre-philosophy and the Art of Listening before I present at Boulder Journey School in July (I have learned more, I have reflected more, and the set up of the presentation is a little different....2 hours instead of 4-5, so there needs to be adaptations to make sure that I spark inspiration rather than weigh down with unessentials)

I am happy that I can have the time to be with my children. And that if I want to, not even make a single post (but I doubt that will happen) - the children are keen on exploring the play value of Boulder and the surrounding areas and sharing with you all!!

Just one more post left after this... now what will I end my #Blogg100 challenge with? Tomorrow is World Ocean Day... one of my children wants to become a Marine Biologist... so this is a day we think is important for our family to celebrate... so we are off to the Aquarium... maybe something about that? Who knows... you have probably noticed there is no great plan in my posts... they just happen, and they are just written... they are a series of organic thoughts typed onto the screen...
Complete with grammar and spelling mistakes... I sometimes take the time to correct them, sometimes not... but I do try to spend time going back and reflecting on what I have written, what I have learned.... and the processes the children have participated in and learned too. This blog has become a part of my pedagogical documentation too.

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