Thursday 19 June 2014

So the school year has come to an end!

Right now I have just started my summer holidays... 4 weeks of no preschool. Four weeks to be with my children on adventures in Colorado... good job we have grandparents to take care of the fish while we are away!

The last few days I have played host to Sara Stanley and I have been learning lots more about philosophy with children... and also lots about preschools in South Africa from Nadia... its always so good to get different perspectives. It alows you to see more clearly what you have on the possible directions of development that are open...

Sara and Nadia have left today... my girls come back from waterski summer camp... and we will celebrate midsummer tomorrow at home... we have lots of packing to do, as on Monday we leave Sweden for USA.

We have little planned... we want to just be there and go with the flow... but we have booked sessions at the aquarium in Denver so that my three can experience being marine biologists for the day... and I am booked in at Boulder Journey School on the 15th of July to talk about how I work with philosophy with preschoolers, and the art of listening... listening being such an essential tool in communication.

The format will be a little different that the workshop I shared in Canada in early May - for a start it is just 2 hours instead of a 5 hours workshop - but I also have new things to share too.
As always I will be sharing images of the workshop afterwards so that there is the opportunity to reflect - and not the need to write down any quotes etc... just your own notes abou ideas that are relevant to your own practice.

I am hoping that it will be as wonderfully interactive as it was in Ontario - so many wonderful questions, thoughts and reflections... it means we all of the chance to grow and deepen out understanding - and allow the workshop to be meaningful and relevant.

I hope to get one more post in before departure... and then a few posts while I am in Colorado.... but for now the posts will be sporadic until I am back...


  1. Would love to attend to one of these workshops. Any chance of one in Europe?
    Good luck :)

    1. As I live in Sweden, It would make sense to do more Europe... I know that Switzerland is on the cards in the future, as I have been invited there...

      I would love to do more Europe... Malta feels like I have a connection since I did my MA in ECE at Sheffield, who also run a masters programme in Malta!!