Sunday, 1 June 2014

Playspaces in Stockholm

Last year I started to take photographs of some of the parks I visit with my children... my work children and my family children!!! (mostly the latter actually) to share some of the playspaces here in Stockholm.

You can read and check them out here Parks and Play in Stockholm

Of course last year I was feeling super ambitious and thought I was going to get loads of play-spaces documented... well I have done a fair few, but no-where as near as many as I would have liked to...
But you see life seems to happen and getting to all these places has not always been a priority for my family... so I just go with the flow!!

Anyway yesterday we visited Björnsträdgård again and also visited Rosenlund which was new for this blog... so there are some image of that up now for you to check out....

I always try to put the latest at the top, to make it easier to see the newest edition.... maybe not so easy to find a specific park... so maybe a new aim is to have a list at the top of the play-spaces and the order they come in... I will try to make the time for that shortly... until then its just to scroll down and enjoy the parks on offer...

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