Friday, 25 April 2014

Fire painting... VALBORG (Swedish Walpurgis)

Valborg (Walpurgis) celebrations are coming witha big bonfire to give the sun strength!!

Here is a link to the fire painting activity - using plastic film so hands don't get messy (perfect for thos children who don't like getting messy or have eczema)...

if you warm up the paint in a bowl of hot water then you could have the sensory experience of heat as well... if you warmed it up in piping hot lapsang souchong tea you would fill the room with that wonderful smokey aroma to add to the effect... and maybe fire sound effects in the background to add to the whole experience?

The link is here

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  1. Hi, I tried this today with children aged 3-4 years old at work and they really enjoyed it.
    Most of the children told that they were not going to see the traditional bonfire tomorrow ( guess because it's after bedtime), in this way they got their own "valborgsbrasa" :-)
    Thanks for sharing!