Sunday, 27 April 2014


midnight has come and gone... and a post has not been made!! But I guess 10 minutes makes little difference for Blogg100!!

My day has been filled with listening... not just reading and preparing for my trip to Canada... but also to my children.

My son is stressed... he is not happy about the floor in our kitchen being ripped up on Monday... his birthday... I listened to his stress and met it with the suggestion that we move hos birthday to Sunday, before the floors are ripped up (and yes, I know it's mother's day - but I am quite happy to share that day... after all if it wasn't for my children, I would not be a mother!!) - He thought this was a good idea and is now under the belief that he will turn 10 tomorrow (am shaking my head slightly at this point, as I am still trying to work out just how much of that belief is his truth and how much he is going with the flow...maybe I will never find out)

This evening we were watching some of the songs that will be a part of the eurovison song contest... and I made a comment about one of the singers being very beautiful... Michale turned round... "but not more beautiful than you... you are the most beautiful" - and I guess in his eyes I always will be. It is heartwarming to be loved in this way that he sees the beauty of the love we share... his undying loyalty to me. Something I will cherish and respect. And my loyalty to him is a constant... I will always be there for him, he just might not always like how its packaged, as I strive to enable a long time happiness and not just instant gratification and happiness in this moment...

So tomorrow will be a special day...


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