Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Setting off for Toronto

Well it's time... I am ready, bags are packed...

Now its just to go down to the bus that will take me to the airport... I am lucky, one goes right outside my door (well not EXACTLY)

I had planned on blogging the whole time I was there... but now I am starting to feel I should be just experiencing my time there... if there is time to blog, I will, if not, well its just means I am too busy learning and experiencing and listening to the moment I am in!!

But I will be sharing my experiences, of course when I get back... my camera is fully charged and raring to go... i-pad is ready - just in case...
Tickets packed, powerpoint packed (and sent to my e-mail - just in case my nightmare of all my images disappearing kicks in....)

So this is it... signing out from Sweden... see you in Canada!!

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