Saturday, 12 April 2014

Testing things out

As I will be in Canada at the end of April/first days of May I figured out that keeping up with blogposts about what I am up tp is going to require a shift in technology for me...

The i-pad at home is technically mine, but it is the children who use it the most. So right now I am testing it out as a possible option for blogging instead of taking my computer with me... Which is NOT a laptop ... So taking it with me is actually not an option.

I have to admit that blogging has been the best thing for me to force me into getting familiar with more technological tools...

Now to see if I can find a photo from this contraption to share
Well yes i managed that.... Even though it was soooo slow I thought it wasn't working... This is a photo I think Michael has added a few extras to!

 Well, now that I know I can blog on my i-pad it is going to add a new dimension to my Canada trip. Blogging on location!


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