Sunday, 13 April 2014

The coming week...

This week will be filled with looking at photographs...

The children will get to see the photographs they took last week, and consider whether or not they meet the criteria of what they felt is important... Play, Love, Painting and Traffic Safety (there was not much photo taking of traffic safety, so although they discussed its importance they have not thought about taking photographs of it... in fact the children have mostly focussed on LOVE and PLAY...)

I am also looking forward to a phone call to arrange for the landscape artist to come and visit us and show the maps/plans of the area and for us to share our ideas for the square and the avenue up to the forest/play area/hospital at the far end of the complex of housing that makes up Dalen. This was a part of the project that we thought we could not make happen... and here it just fell into our laps, sometimes we have luck on our side.

AND of course there will be a bit of Easter weaving its way into our week... with egg decorating on Wednesday.

Tomorrow my son will be spending the day with us (as there is a week long school break) and then he will be off to the forest to spend a few days with his grandparents. My daughters will spend the day with me at preschool on Tuesday - and then they too will spend a few days in the forest too - returning for the Easter weekend to spend as a family... at least they will have a few days without early mornings!!

My children are well liked by the the Vinden children... they ask frequently when they will next visit... and I LOVE the names they call my children - not Sophia, Isabelle and Michael - but Sophia Lisa-bell and My-god!!

This could be a perfect way to continue the Together paintings with an Easter twist... I wonder if they remember doing this last year?

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