Monday, 14 April 2014

Together on the Square project continues

Today we talked about the square again... but this time talking about what sort of questions would be good to ask their parents to find out what they think... and so the children have "homework" to ask their parents... and the parents get to write their thoughts down which will be collected on Thursday and then over Easter I can make a collage of their ideas for the children to see and compare with their own ideas for the square. I am not going to reveal what the children guessed the parents would write... because parents do read this... and I don't want to be unduly influencing their choices!!

We also have confirmation that the landscape architect WILL be coming - next week to meet the children. So there is great excitement about that.

My son has spent the day with me at work - and is now off to the forest... so I am siging off for today to spend some girlie time with my daughters to watch a film together that would only elicit groans from Michael!!

Below are the two square ideas so far... the lower one being the latest and most appreciated version so far...

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