Sunday, 27 April 2014

paper exploration

At first the children were very very careful, trying to lay the paper flat, like they had seen me do before... of course the paper kept rolling up as they let go and they needed to start again - and they repeated this over and over again trying to get it flat. After a while the collaboration started to not be quite so together/syncronised and the paper ripped slightly at one edge. One of the children looked at me horrified... I looked calmly and encouragingly back and said "Remember what I said... this was paper for you to explore, to see what happens when you play with it"

And that was when the sensory exploration of the BIG paper really started...

 Trampling and stamping to make BIG noises - back and forth... and the noise was as big as the paper!!

Tunnels were made and crawled though one at a time

Then they started to make dens and see how many could be inside at the same time. The paper becoming softer and more pliable the longer they played with it...

Until eventually it ripped and the children created wings to fly around the room...

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