Sunday 17 November 2013


this is going to be a post of little words - but many images... ideas for contruction - up, out and with many materials - and I have by no means come close to exhausting the possibilities and material choices
with paper - to make bridges, curls - whatever you can imagine and test...

with curlers

with play-dugh and ice-cream spoons

curlers again

play-dough and bit of plastic (from packages that are delivered - the band that goes round)

with tubes and old discs

with magnets

in lines and lines and lines - and yes the light table is under the table - we notoced that children wanted to explore under there!

constucting with just tape

with cans

with jewels

with sticks in the forest

with sand

with ice

with cardboard

with plusplus

airplanes with blocks

with stones

more playdough construction

with ear buds

with leaves

with mixed media - animals soft blocks and bristle blocks

with beads

with stones and conkers

with branches and cones

branches, yarn, shells - etc etc etc

soft blocks

mats and blocks

don't ask me what these are called - but they spin and they can be built with...

with chairs

with magnatiles
with BIG cardboard boxes high high up

or houses
and of course for some it is not so much the construction as the destruction that is the most fun!

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