Monday, 11 November 2013

Fairy Portraits

After our morning session of drawing self-portraits there was time for free-play - I left the table prepared for more self-portraits just in case some of the children would like to have anorher go - and two of the children did - although this time they were dressed up as fairies...

They also got the coloured pens out - as this time they did not just want to draw in pencil, but in colour too - and who can blame them with such colour-happy clothes...

The children wrote in fairy language - and that is why I cannot recognise it (and also because they realise that this is writing, but not quite writing as they see me write in the notebooks - or how their names look either)

I asked if they could translate their fairy language so that I could write down what they had written in human langiage...

The top picture
Dear Fairies,
Can you come here? We so want to see if you are real. How can you come here? And where is the fairy letter? is the fairy letter with you? What do you eat? I would really like to have a fairy in my home. I have seen Tinkerbell and friends on the TV - but are they for real?

Lower picture
Why don't you come back? Where is the fairy letter? Who has taken it? (that's it for now I need to think)
Fairies - why have you gone? We have written a letter - have you got it?

It is very clear that there are many questions about where have the fairies gone - and the fairy letter we wrote last week, has now disappeared from where we left it - where has THAT gone? AND very interesting - ARE fairies real?

These will be questions we will take up in the philosophical dialogues this week...

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