Tuesday, 26 November 2013

testing excursion possibilities...

Sometimes when there are a LOT of children off sick at the same time it gives you the opportunity as teachers to test your wings... and we have been doing that this last few days when two thirds of the group have chicken pox!

We have been using the tunnelbana (the underground train - which is actually overground where the preschool is) and travelling to new locations to test out the accessibility of parks, the time it takes to get there and how the children play when they are there...

By exploring in this way we have the knowledge that these are possibilities when the whole group is back - well one park we felt we would wait a bit longer for until out group are stronger walkers as it was a little bit further to walk and the distance meant that the time to play there is reduced (at the speed these children are walking at the moment - most are still being delivered by push-chair so don't practice their walking stamina so much).

Two of the three parks we visited we will visit more often.
perfect for allowing the children to play on bikes - and also for hanging and climbing and strengthen up those writing-to-be muscles... Easily accessible

a good challenging climbing frame - which not all children could manage - and those that did needed some coaching to feel safe as they went round the circuit. Also plenty of role-play inspiration with the fort. Easily accessible - even though it was a little further to travel.

beautiful park - a role-play dream - better when the ground is not so hard AND when there are puddles to make soup and things for the play-shop. The walk is not too far - but at the pace the children walk at the moment it does really cut down the length of time we have to play. The lack of toilets means a longer stay is not as easy as the other two parks which have toilets, if a packed lunch was to be considered.
I really recommend going out on longer trips when there are fewer children to see what options are for when all the children are back again.

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  1. You are so lucky you can use public transport to access parks like this and I love that they have bikes in that 1st one. Sharing & hoping you might come over & link it up in the Outdoor Play Party?