Monday, 18 November 2013

making patterns

Another promise to keep.

"Take a photo of my pattern - and show it to the world"

Early in the morning when there were still just a few children I sat in the construction area and started to build a spiral staircase (which was promptly knocked over by a two year old) - but it inspired another child and she made a kind of spiral and then carried on building outwards on the map - after a short while I noticed that she was creating a very distinct pattern - and we followed it together following the numbers and shape rhythm across the floor. She continued and then asked me to take a photo of her creation. After that she left it to the mercy of the small children... and was not concerned about it being destroyed - she had her fun, was busy with somethig else - and besides I had taken a photo of it...

So here it is to remember... you can see the initial spiral at the top - and how it has expanded from there...

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