Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Canadian Light...

How to start sharing the images from my trip to Cananda... there are so many, and they all tell very different stories... and sometimes there is frustration because when I look at the photograph it does not tell the story I thought it was going to... or I have not taken photographs of my experience as I was too involved to think about documenting it... but here comes a start... focussing on light from all the places I visited...
Acorn School.
The Lab School at Seneca College.
Thornwood School Kindergarten Class

There is a huge thank you to all of those who warmly welcomed me to their settings and allowed me to learn and be inspired.

So I will let the photos do the talking... (grouped by setting)

light from the airplane... Toronto below ... maybe the ultimate light-table?

messing about with light at Thornwood - the empty plastic box for the mood cubes on the overhead

mirrors - how many, what position and how can this add to the experience?

mood cubes... these were bought from a dollar shop in Canada (I am already trying to keep calm at the prospect of living a month in Boulder, Colorado during summer with access to a dollar shop there... I mean getting resources that cheap here in Sweden is something I am still searching for) it was interesting watching many cubes together and seeing if the colours were ever the same at the same time...

more dollar shop finds on the overhead... looking for interesting shadow on the wall

adding torches to plasticine play allows another way of looking and exploring

materials on the lighttable at Acorn School.
more loose parts - transparent and mirrors

loose parts... sea göass, stones and agate (did you know that if you angle agate right on a Overhead that you can create a rainbow prism - see if you can... I could at least...)
more loose parts for lighttable and overhead

usinf light as part of the documentation display

a documentation of children playing in a fish-light bathed room at Seneca Lab School... for a more atmospheric fishing experience...

Laurel Fynes blog "This Kindergarten Life" (Thornwood)
Facebook page of Acorn School
I found no great link to the Lab School that would let you see more images and be further inspired... the information was writen only and directed for parents and students...

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