Friday, 2 May 2014


Thinking about communication... and how important it is.

Not just saying words to each other, but finding a common language to share ideas,inspiration and also to expand on ideas.

It has got me thinking about the importance of using philosophy not just with the children but with each other... as there is a need for us adults to truly listen to each other... not just hear the words but to be open to the idea that we can change our mind, that we could learn something new, that we might need to adapt our own thinking... this does not mean compromising integrity but it does not mean that you stick to your own ideas just because they are your own, or that things have always been done that way. Being open mean taking a fresh look... at your own beliefs and why you believe them, to understand them better, but also considering that what others have to say has value... even if you disagree... because the great thing about philosophy is that you don't have to agree but you do have to disagree with respect.

The whole reason of coming to Canada is to share the processes and wisdoms so far learned at Filosofiska AND to learn more ... to take the time to expand and challenge my own thinking... by visiting other places and listening to how they work and seeing the choices of materials they have put out for the children and why they have set up the rooms the way they have. I see their documentation and it makes me think about how I do mine and how I could improve my documentation... Both process and product.

I also see with envy how the one and two year olds have a much better adult child ratio than what we have in Sweden - and wish that it was also 1:3 because I feel strongly about the first years are really the most important years... the years where children learn so incredibly much, need so much love and support to allow them the space, time and security to be competent
But that is something much bigger than what I can influence alone... it needs the whole nation to address this and also it would cost considerable amount of money to invest in preschool and the toddlers there...

I have been busy taking lots of photographs of the environments I have been visiting... and when I get back I will be sharing some of these images... of course I am taking far too many  photos. But it will be interesting going through them and trying to decide which ones best tell the story of my visit to Canada. Ca

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