Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Snail park again

On Thursday the Snail Park got a bit of a make-over... I noticed it when I was out on my break and when I went back in, asked the children if they wanted to go out and meet the gardener... afterall we spend so much time in this small space of green life nature that missing the opportunity to see the process of change in action would be almost criminal.

The children were eager to go out and see and meet the gardener... they were amazed about how much the snail park had been cut back, and the piles of "weeds" on the pathways... they looked carefully to see if the snails were OK... and we saw a few quickly and there was a sigh of relief.

We talked briefly to the gardener... I realised that this was not a man with great enthusiasm for this patch of green... he found it troublesome and full of weeds... I tried to share our joy at the wonder and beauty the children and myself have experienced in the Snail Park... but I feel it fell on deaf ears...

Maybe a small book full of the children's joys here might help him see the glory of this space? Because visiting and tending to the garden a few times of the year means he is foucssing on the negatives and not on the wonders...

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