Thursday, 15 May 2014

National Preschool Day

Just a few quick pictures from today... as it is late... I went out and have a marvelous time with a friend instead of fixing all the photos!! I have a life too! LOL

making handprints on the cloth that we made the coloured ice art at last year's National Preschool Day - I loved watching the children marvel at their handprints on the cloth and the colours on their hands.

this is how it was set up... coloured squirted onto a paper for the children to explore and get their hands covered and then create prints on the cloth... there was LOTS of action.

water beads... one child was asked by their mother "How does it feel" - "It feels REAL" was the reply. All the beads were mushed by the end of the afternoon!! And boy do they ever bounce well on concrete!!

on another table there was clay... with water next to it to wash hands... without a shadow of a doubt the water became the biggest attraction...
I had a funny feeling that the water would be a big attraction so I had come prepared with mugs and brushes for outdoor ephemeral art...

outdoor baking - playdough style...

Happt National Preschool Day... 30 years of celebrating Preschool in Sweden!!

and the art on the paper became an opportunity for decorating wheels!!

More photos and more description of our day will come tomorrow... but just had to share a few today!!

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