Monday, 14 January 2013


Today I am super excited.

I have just enjoyed my first day at my new work.

Made connections with children and staff and feel so very positive about the whole experience. But more about that another day.

In summer I will be flying to Colorado to visit Boulder Journey School and to participate in their two day conference. This is VERY exciting indeed. My husband and I have discussed whether or not to make it the family holiday - but we have made the decision that it will be just me - 5-7 days to be filled with inspiration and ideas - and no doubt to fill my suitcase with resources...

below are some pictures from Boulder Journey School. Their connection with Reggio Emilia is a huge appeal as well as finding out more about David Hawkins philosophy... I will save that for later too. As its my girls' 12th birthday today - time has been spent with them rather than blogging....

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