Sunday 13 January 2013

The start of an examination of preschool policies in Sweden

Today I have been at a meeting, the first one of many, where we are discussing and examining the curriculum and the policies governing preschools (and schools and fritids (after school activity)) to see if they are sufficient in supporting/guiding teachers to providing a learning environment for the WHOLE child. Barnverket

This first week we will be taking a closer look at the working environment law - are children's needs covered? Do we need to speak up for the rights of children for a better working/learning/playing environment - do they get enough exercise/movement during the week to satisfy their gross motor skills development and needs?

I also start a new preschool tomorrow. With a Philosophical profile.

There will be many ideas forming this week - both from my reading and discussing - but also from my new experiences at work.

So I am saving energy today - to spend on the rest of the week...

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