Friday, 25 January 2013

getting philosophical

Today I have been at a course to learn more about using philosophy with children - or maybe that is the wrong phrase to use - its a collaboration of thoughts - we are there to scaffold the children's thought processes, allowing them the time and providing the situations to explore their queries and questions in and of life...

Yesterday I was writing about how the imagination needs to be used to become more imaginative - imagine my surprise when I heard the same words being used for philosophy - that we need to exercise our philosophical side more to be able to have deeper and more profound/meaningful philosophical thoughts. Maybe we need to have a good imagination to be able to philosophize?

if we look the same do we behave the same?
I am going to leave you there thinking about imagination and philosophy - because tomorrow I will be back at Södertörn University and spending another day pondering and thinking and learning about philosophy and children....

(ok and for the record I have hardly ever dressed the girls the same. I felt they needed the chance to develop their own personality - and just because they are identical twins does not mean that they have to be identical - sometimes they end up having the same clothes, because that is what THEY have chosen...  but why was this important? why? How? So many questions and so many answers...)

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