Saturday, 26 January 2013

plenty to think about...

Today I have had a whole load of thoughts about what I was going to write in my blog as I sat and listened and participated in this university course concerning philosophy for children. I was interested to hear how the words creative, fantasy and play all popped up during the course of the day - as well as collaborate. And I had a blog idea for each one of them...

In the end I feel like I want more time to mull things over and to get to grips with what has been said today, what I have learnt today, before I feel adequately equipped to share. I have, though, been "sharing" with my children we have had some crazy conversations this evening - some of them philosophical.

We have laughed a lot.

If you could have an extra set of eyes, where on your body would you have them. Take time to think of WHY before you answer.

I am not going to tell you the answers given right now - first you think yourselves and later on the week on my facebook page I will reveal what we said!! As it really surprised me!

But I reckon my favourite dialogue was with Michael and the fact that his father has chosen not to have hair on the top of his head, and that is why it does not grow - because if he did want it to grow it would. When I asked how it would grow - he answered with seeds - everyone has tiny tiny hair seeds. So I asked that if I planted one of my hair seeds on his head would his hair grow like mine -
M - not exactly, it would be the same colour though
S - so if we planted farmor's (paternal grandmother) hair seeds would he grow grey hair?
M - no, because the hairs are new-born and have colour, they are not old and grey...

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