Thursday, 31 January 2013

the last Blog a day challenge January 2013 post

So January has come to an end.

So comes to an end the challenge of a blog a day!

It ended up being easier than I thought - but some days it felt less inspiring than others. Its going to be nice to revert back to blogging when I really have something to say (which might end up being pretty often as I can say a lot!)

I have spent this month also watching WHERE everyone who views my blog comes from - I think it is so amazing to see that what I have written is been read in different countries all over the world - it inspires me to write more.

69 different countries since the turn of the new year - Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia - yep, the whole world it feels like.

I think writing the blog also helps me reflect better on what I am doing, helps me become a better teacher - as it gives me the time to formulate my ideas and write down my experiences - and then to access them again and re read with a new perspective.

I also enjoy reading other blogs - to be inspired.

I was going to write a wonderful end of month post with the start of a "valentine"/love/ friendship/we-feeling project - but I am sat here with fever - so my brain just doesn't want to function - in fact it is not even wanting to spell (thank goodness for spell-check today!!).

So I am going to leave you with a photo of my laughing children - because laughter boosts the immune system, and I want to feel better.

LOVE and LAUGHTER - the best medicine ever.

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