Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Friends around the world

Skippy wondering whether he has enough clothes on to go outside in the snow!!

This is Skippy! he is a kangaroo from Plumpton Long Daycare near Sydney Australia - sent by a group of children and their teacher to us in Sweden - at the same time we sent a moose called Svea to Euro Academy in Wexford, PA, USA, the children and their teacher there sent an animal (I don't know yet) to Australia.

We have been learning more about each other's countries and about where we live ourselves - otherwise how could we tell our friends in Australia and USA about Sweden and Stockholm?

In about three weeks time the animals will be making their next part of their journey around the world - Skippy will be winging his way to USA, Svea to Australia - and a new friend will be coming to meet us in Sweden!

Before Skippy leaves we will be celebrating Australia Day together - but I will let you know about that next week - and a documentation of that will be sent with Skippy as well as a some documentation of what he has been up to here in Stockholm - I mean for one thing - he has missed the forest fires back home and has experienced 15 below zero and lots of snow instead - now THAT is something to tell his friends back in Australia when he eventually arrives home.

I can recommend similar contact with preschools around the world - it has been a wonderful and natural way to learn about the world and about the similarities and differences...

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  1. It has been an amazing experience and every day the children are looking at our globe and locating Sweden and Australia and are amazed at the distance Skippy has travelled.