Wednesday, 2 January 2013

a blog a day - ENERGY

I have set myself a little challenge, which could turn out to be a BIG challenge.

To blog every day this month - and I have linked myself up with this site and by doing so joining a great deal of other bloggers also meeting the challenge!

The theme for the month is energy.

I feel energy is just about right when talking about children. They often appear to have so much of it, to the point that many adults would love to bottle the stuff too use on themselves at a later date! Sometimes there are adults who think children have too much energy - which I just think means that those children are not getting enough outdoor play. Just like we have different reading abilities and interests there are also different play abilities - there are those who like to play quietly making mud-pies, there are those who run, run, run the whole time, charging around killing the monster and baddies, saving the playground from imminent danger! There are those who like to find hiding places, or build, or pull things round in wagons, ride bikes. There are those who climb, swing, spin and roll down hills...

Then there is creative energy - artwork, storytelling, construction, crafts etc. Again there are different energy levels and enthusiasm levels in this area - from those who barely like to get dirty, to those who fully immerse themselves in a creative experience.

Relationships certainly demand energy ...

It is certainly going to be interesting to explore children and energy this month -

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