Sunday, 1 December 2013

Countdown to Christmas

Every year since the children were old enough to get excited about Christmas we have decorated on the first advent - to really maximise the Christmas twinkling magicalness! Today has been no exception - even though this photograph comes from many years ago when the whole sensory experience was just as important and there was time to play with the tinsel before it went up.

I love the magic of Christmas. In the middle of the darkness there is something bright and shiney, something that brings us together - not only as families but as friends and all those that are around us (unless you are in a Christmas shopping rush - which I tend to avoid).

For two days we have baked, sung Christmassy songs in silly voices and danced and pranced and laughed.
I am very in touch with my inner child - but at Christmas time I drag as many others into childhood with me - my husband comes reluctantly with me, smiling at me - but enjoys himself everytime as we sit the whole family around the table and do activities together... this time baking funny shaped pepparkakor and luciabuns! (see yesterday's post)

So I have decided that for the countdown to Christmas - I am going to share each day a little piece of my inner-child ... something silly that I have done, something that has made me wonder - something joyful!!

Behind today's door

decorating the tree - the joy of opening the box of decorations and rediscovering the baubles, lights and glitter. I swear my heart beats a little faster just as we open the box!

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