Thursday, 5 December 2013

winter's first snow

OK- first snow - need I write more? It is one of those things that either brings out your inner child or your inner pessimist! Lucky for me its my inner child (I still can't walk past clean new snow without running through it like a maniac to create footprints)

I think I also want to make the distinction between snow and snow...

...coming from England there was never much snow - coming from the north of England we tended to get more than what they got in the south. Coming from a flat city (York) it meant either a car trip to the hills or a fabulous dad that pulled the sledge on the snow covered empty roads (I lived in a cul-de sac) as my sister and I yelled "faster faster" and he obliged!! As an adult and parent I have great admiration for his strength and stamina, and speed when it came to snowy days...
but snowy days was that snowman kind of stuff that you could make things with... I remember my first experience of powder snow in Stockholm and wondered what the point of the stuff was...! LOL The many types of snow - from squeaky moulding snowman snow to the crunchy loud powder sand like snow when the temperatures are well below freezing.

As a child it was the snow-man stuff - so for me my inner-child comes out with THAT kind of snow so much more enthusisatically...

Today it was delicious fat flakes that hurried down in a short burst of snow (although there is supposed to be lots coming during the night) - and even though we were late back from the park for lunch - we knew that lunch could wait a little longer - it was more important to be NOW. It was more important to enjou the exhileration of catching snowflakes in our mouths - and of course Ellen and I had a small snowball exchange and lots of laughter...


My inner child feels good then.

We all feel good with laughter. Inner child or not!

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