Tuesday, 3 December 2013

my inner child

As I wrote n my first post today - there was not so much opportunity for my inner-child to play today - I needed to be the grown up !! BUT there was the odd moment here and there... and playing with the new LED lamp strips which we can control the colours and even make them flash at different speeds was fun (and yes I did manage to let the children have a go with the remote control - brilliant way to learn colours by the way). This is our winter table at the moment!!
I put a layer of foil down to create a more reflective surface - but noticed that one of the children liked to play and make a sound with the foil - so it was just to get another long sheet out to explore.
have you ever tried walking on aluminium-foil before - it really does make a great sound! AND if its just below flashing lights it is wonderfully reflective too! I had plenty of goes shuffling across the length of foil - with great satisfaction! In fact it was the first time I have ever done it - and wonder why I have waited this long!!

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