Sunday, 8 December 2013

Time limits

I have to realise my own time limits

yesterday was one of those days where a whole week's of tiredness accumulated and became a day of exhaustion - I literally went in and out of sleep all day - but my sore throat and headache today might be an indication that it could be something more.

It has meant finding that inner child joy trickier to find - but then I realised that being in touch with your inner child is not just about playing and joy - it is the whole spectrum of emotions - just as calling a successful child a happy child is neglecting all their other myriad of emotions. A successful child is probably a child who is aware of all feelings and feelings of others and can adapt and meet the needs of their own and others shifting emotions... after all our social interactions are reliant on this.

Today my inner child is as simple as watching my son react to a message from santa... at nine years old he is still very much a believer - and I am going to go with that for as long as possible - there is something very magical about the lead up to Christmas - santa, elves, fairy lights and togetherness - I think the magic allows you to come together - like sharing a good story.

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