Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Foil art

Yesterday afternoon my inner child wanted to play with shaving foam so out it came onto a table that I had put some foil and some glitter on to let the children play.
I had taken the chairs away - this was not so much a sit down and play quietly sort of experience but a move back and forth interactive experience - not only with the shaving foam but each other too - it turned out to be quite noisy.

When they were finished the foil was no longer flat or across the table. The children spent some time cleaning the table and the foil - and then I sat down to see if I could make sculptures with the foil - some of the children watched with interest and sat down to give it a try themselves... creating wands, dogs sleeping in bed, presents with ribbon wrapped around it amongst other things - we exchanged tips and ideas about how we could attach things and create shapes - children aged 2-4 were busy making things - the youngest liked to rip pieces and make small balls that were then wrapped into another piece of foil.

They were all very keen to save their sculptures for later and the extra foil... and maybe next time we could use fresh foil that was not quite so sticky and glittery!!

OK - I am trying out sunglasses as a way of protecting identity but not making them quite look like ghosts!!! She was not wearing the sunglasses at the time!!!

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