Sunday 15 December 2013

Lucia Celebration - (Door 13)

On Friday we celebrated Lucia...
NOT by the children standing in front of a bunch of adults (parents and grandparents etc) to sing - but sitting together WITH their parents to sing. Those children who liked to perform ad space in the middle to dance and sing. But most of the children at Filosofiska Dalen are 2 and under so it seemed inappropriate to do Lucia the "traditional" way of performing for parents. It felt far too intimidating for the children and not at all meaningful.

Last year the preschool had much fewer children and Lucia could be shared around a board and a series of images representing the various Lucia songs. This year, as we were so many more we decided to use a powerpoint and project it on the wall - using the same images from the previous year - to continue a Filosofiska Lucia tradition. I photo-ed the drawings and fixed them in the powerpoint together with the text of the words so that those not familiar with the songs (as not everyone comes from Sweden) can sing along and join in too - afterall inclusive means the parents too!

Afterwards we ate pepparkakor, Lucia buns (saffron buns) with coffee and juice (not glögg).

Lucia is one of my favourite celebrations - I love the singing - I love the lights and candle - the whole idea of light in the dark. BUT I have not always liked the performing in front of the adults mostly as I have seen year after year and in every group of children I have ever worked in - children that get stressed about the idea of singing IN FRONT of their parents.

To celebrate this way was relaxed and joyful for everyone.

For more information about Lucia click here.

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