Monday, 16 December 2013

Time - a child perspective

days are going by so fast.. the countdown to Christmas is almost over so I am going to talk about time from my inner child's perspective.

reflecting on time...
As an adult I totally understand time.

But sometimes it just does not make sense.

How some weeks Friday feels an age away and then suddenly its Thrsday and you wonder what happened with the other days...

Or how time can tick SO unbelievable slowly sometimes and then race away other times. Every once in a while I enter a time warp and resurface totally surprised so many hours have gone by in what felt like half an hour...

What does soon mean, really? Sometimes it means minutes, sometimes hours and other times days or weeks - "it's Christmas soon", and yet we are still over a week away and yet we also say "mummy is coming soon" when there is half an hour left before pick up time.

No wonder children think time is complicated.

But sometimes I wonder if time and being able to read what the clock says is the same thing.?
Yes that second hand ticks at the same beat... but why does it have to feel so different.

I still remember when it clicked that the days of the week actually repeated and was not a brand new name invention every day. Mostly because I remember the surprise on my mother's face when I told how smart it was to have a seven day rotating week instead of having to think up new names all the time (and who did that anyway?) - for the longest time I thought that my mum's surprise was due to the fact that I had revealed something new to her and she was taken aback by the news - and not until much later did I work out that she was actually taken aback by me actually thinking there were new week names for all infinity... hehe (I bet my dad and her had a good giggle that night)

Time is strange.
I don't feel much different - and yet I do - hmmm, how do I explain? I don't feel like I have got older, just filled with more experience.

8 more sleeps to Christmas Eve!

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